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  • Natural Pine Rosin

    Cost effective, all purpose pine rosin wax.


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  • Lavender Wax

    Beautiful creamy wax with pure lavender


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  • Azulene Cream Wax

    Strip Wax for sensitive skins and sensitive areas


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  • Olive Oil Wax

    Strip Wax with pure virgin olive oil


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  • Crystal Marine Wax

    Rosin-free Wax for sensitive skins and those with a colophony/rosin allergy


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  • Aloe Vera Wax 800g

    Calming Aloe Vera strip wax for all skin and hair types

    Professionals only

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  • Cerazyme Depilbright Strip Wax

    Cerazyme Depilbright Strip Wax


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  • Pearl Rosin

    Pearlescent texture excellent for dry flaking skin and sensitive area.


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