Waxing Hacks & FAQ’s

Ashmira Botanica represents the very latest generation of hair removal products, and we get a lot of comments […]


Skincare Range: Cosmeceutical or Wellness?

Skincare Range: Cosmeceutical or Wellness? Finding a skincare range that suits your salon can be a difficult task. […]


The Five Elements Quiz

About the Five Elements According to the ancient healing system of Chinese medicine, the face is like a […]


Water Element

WINTER Meridians: Kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs Skin Type: Dehydrated, dark circles or puffiness under the eyes Emotion: Fear […]


Metal Element

AUTUMN Meridians: Lungs and large intenstine Skin Type: Pale complexion, wrinkles and lines, jowls Emotion: Grief, staying in […]


Earth Element

END OF SUMMER / INTER SEASONS Meridians: Stomach and spleen Skin Type: Dull, devitalised skin, spots under the […]

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