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Easy Ways to Make Every Treatment Luxury on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of the year for pampering and spa treatments. There is nothing better than giving all the mother figures in your life the opportunity to relax and treat themselves. Chances are that your salon or spa is already booked up with appointments from people wanting to spoil their loved ones. To make sure every treatment is a luxurious experience for your clients, follow these easy tips on how to create a luxury treatment every single time. 

  1. Use the right products

Creating a deluxe treatment starts from making sure your client is taken care of right from the beginning. To ensure that they receive the best quality, you need the best tools to do your job well. Prioritising natural, effective products that produce great results every time is always worth the investment and allows you to build a level of trust with your client. 

Our range of strip and peelable waxes have a low working temperature, spread thinly, and set fast meaning you can give your client the most comfortable wax possible. While waxing may not be what most people think of for a relaxing treatment, investing in high quality wax like Ashmira Botanica will make it much more comfortable. 

  1. Create the perfect environment 

Luxury treatments can be offered in salons and spas of all shapes and sizes. Creating an environment where your customer can feel at ease can rely on things like lighting, decorations, and music. Offering a closed off space or checking in before hand to see how much talking they would like during the appointment can add a touch of personalisation that makes a lot of difference. 

Part of creating a relaxing environment is showing that you only use the best products and techniques, so that your clients know you really believe in what you’re selling. Our strut cards can help you market the benefits of Ashmira Botanica, and our ‘No Double Dipping’ strut card will definitely be reassuring!

  1. Appeal to every sense

As part of creating the perfect environment, it is important to think about every sensory experience your client can have. Creating a feeling of luxury for each treatment expands to what they see, smell, hear and even taste. Enveloping your client in a multisensory experience will leave them feeling serene and utterly pampered. 

Our skincare range offers a beautiful, bespoke experience for every sense. Not only do our products and treatments feel amazing, but they also smell divine. The treatments also incorporate ceremonial cacao and sound healing to ensure every treatment begins and ends in complete bliss. 

  1. Offer Follow Up Treatments at Home

The pampering doesn’t stop after the treatment is done! Encourage your client to continue their treatment at home so that they can prolong the benefits. Especially after waxing, this can help to prevent and treat common skin problems like redness, ingrown hairs or little spots forming on the treated area. We have a full retail range of post waxing products available. The popular Ingrown Hair Serum is extremely effective on treating ingrown hairs with an easy roller application. Provide your client with Protective Face Cream to protect freshly waxed skin from the outside elements. On the skincare side, your clients can continue treating themselves at home with the Skincare Gift Sets, which come personalised to the client’s element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). They also make a great gift just on their own!