Ashmira Botanica Purifying Skin Spritz 100ml


Ashmira Botanica Purifying Skin Spritz 100ml


Purifying Skin Spritz 100ml

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This oh-so-popular Purifying Skin Spritz will say goodbye to post-wax spots and pimples that commonly appear on backs, chests, forearms and legs after waxing. Mist lightly over the body immediately after waxing and continue to use at home 2-3 times a day until improvement is seen. Also helps to tackle ingrown hairs too! Do not use on the face or intimate areas. This beautiful spritz contains betaine salicylate, aloe vera, allantoin, menthol and phytic acid and gives an immediate cooling sensation to the skin which is complimented by the subtle aroma of orange and sandalwood.