The Benefits of Cupuacu for Waxing

Cupuacu is one of the main active ingredients in Ashmira Botanica pre and post waxing products. One of our key values is to use natural, botanical ingredients that will protect the skin throughout a waxing treatment. So why did we choose cupuacu?

What is Cupuacu?

Cupuacu (Theobroma grandiflorum) is a wonderful soft, creamy butter with a high fatty acid content.

Its unusual name is pronounced coo pwa sue. It has been found to increase skin hydration due to its amazing capacity for water absorption and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and very soft.

Where is Cupuacu From?

The cupuacu tree is a relative of the cacao (or cocoa/chocolate) tree. These beautiful trees are found in the Amazon, in the jungles of Colombia, Peru and Northern Brazil where the people living there have been using it for years to soften and hydrate their skin and hair. These beautiful trees are covered in wonderful pods of different colours. Inside the pods is an edible pulp and seeds which are cold-pressed to produce the nourishing cupuacu butter we use in our lovely products.

Why Do We Use Cupuacu?

-Increased levels of hydration with continued use.

The hydrating properties of cupuacu don’t just last as part of a waxing treatment. If you continue applying cupuacu butter to your skin it has actually been seen to increase levels of hydration, leading to a long-lasting nourished effect. To see these results, invest in a retail size of our Comfort Balm.

-Soothes the skin.

We include cupuacu in our Protective Face Cream, as it is known to soothe damaged or sunburnt skin. Our face cream an be applied after a facial wax to protect the skin and reduce the redness that is common after a wax treatment.

-Natural and Sustainable

The farming of cupuacu for cupuacu butter actually incorporates the seeds that may otherwise be thrown away. Studies have found that cupuacu can be farmed without impacting local rainforests. We are committed to using ingredients that will be kind to you, your skin and the planet.